This app and website captures all your digital coupons for you


With inflation causing the prices of food, fuel and other commodities to skyrocket, it’s more important than ever to save as much as possible.

Let’s move on to technology. Budgeting apps take a lot of the guesswork out of tracking and controlling your finances. But as you know, not all apps are created equal. Tap or click here for our list of the top five budgeting apps.

The grocery store is a place where people spend more money than expected. But what if we told you a way to save big on groceries? Keep reading for an app that sends grocery deals straight to your inbox.

Why Flipp is a must-have bookmark for any savvy buyer

Getting started with Flipp is as easy as plugging your zip code directly into the site’s built-in coupon search engine. No registration is required to save. You will get page after page of ready-to-use coupon sheets.

That being said, many of Flipp’s best features will only be available upon registering an account. It’s free and you can use this service to its full potential. Here’s how:

After signing up, click on any periodical in your list. You can then “cut” all the coupons you want. How about two pounds of fried chicken at 30% off? Let’s do this.

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Make a list for now or later

After cutting to your heart’s content, we recommend checking out Flipp’s shopping list feature. All of your clipped coupons will be ready to browse, and you can even select generic shopping list items and browse all of your periodicals for the best prices.

If something isn’t on sale today, you’ll be able to save it to a watchlist and pounce on it at the right time.

If you love shopping, this app is a game changer. Flipp allows you to formulate your grocery shopping plan for the day, without wasting time “fingering through” physical mail advertisements that might be outdated. Get the Flipp app free for iOS or Android.

Online digital coupons are one of our favorite ways to get more out of every dollar, but they’re far from the only way to keep your money in your pocket. Tap or click here for more budget tips we love.

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