So, Prince Harry’s memoir is complete – but what will likely be in it? | Prince Harry


The manuscript is, it seems, written; the ink is now dry. The publication is said to be on track to capitalize on the lucrative Christmas market.

Few, if any, crumbs of the contents of the Duke of Sussex’s highly anticipated memoir have so far emerged. “It’s juicy, for sure,” a source told the Page Six website, while another added, “There’s some content in there that should make his family nervous.”

From the prince, the palace, the Penguin Random House publishers, and Pulitzer Prize-winning ghostwriter JR Moehringer, there was silence.

Still, royal watchers expect it to be a serious book, and one that’s hard to dismiss.

Novelist and journalist Moehringer, who wrote the autobiography of former world number one tennis player Andre Agassi, “is a powerful and psychologically exploratory writer, so we can expect a powerful and psychologically exploratory book,” said royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey.

Agassi’s book “is a deep, earnest, forensic teardown of his parenthood, which goes beyond normal ghost books,” Lacey added. “It makes me think it’s pointless even to speculate what skeletons he’s going to find because he’s a skeleton digger.” He will do the trick”.

An editorial source told The Sun: “The manuscript is complete and has gone through all legal procedures. It’s done and out of Harry’s hands. The release date has been pushed back once, but it’s on track for the end of the year.

Harry said only, when announcing his literary memoir last year, that it will be “the ups and downs, the mistakes, the lessons learned…a first-hand account of my life that is accurate and entirely truthful.” “.

But hints of what might emerge can be found in the Oprah Winfrey and other interviews he has given. He told Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast, for example, of the “genetic pain” of being raised in the House of Windsor, and that Prince Charles treated him “as he was treated”. Lacey wonders if Moehringer’s pen can be detected in those words.

“One would expect a book that sets new standards in royal analysis. I hope [Moehringer] will also analyze the institution. On Agassi, he not only demolished Agassi’s parenthood and upbringing, but he took a heavy hit in the world of professional tennis. Therefore, one would expect the same kind of double attack in what he writes about Harry and the monarchy,” Lacey said.

“He doesn’t write books that can be easily dismissed as scandal-seeking. They have substance.”

Moehringer’s intense talks with Harry will likely have been mostly conducted ahead of the Sussexes’ public reconciliation with the Royal Family on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee, “roughly at the height of the rage, the chapters having been locked some time ago. time,” Lacey said.

“So Harry himself may regret what he finds he said – given that the Sussexes seem to have given up on their hostility to the family.”

No member of the royal family would have seen the manuscript. But it’s safe to assume that anything considered defamatory – particularly in light of the couple’s accusations of racism – would receive strict legal treatment before publication.

Royal watchers expect him to cover controversial areas of his parenthood, his mother’s death, his seemingly less than easy relationship with the Duchess of Cornwall and Harry and Meghan’s emotionally charged exit as members of the royal family with all the tensions with the palace guard at the time. The couple’s version of the bullying allegations against Meghan could also come up.

“But we can also expect absolute respect and deference to the Queen. It will demonstrate her loyalty to her grandmother and the monarchy, and that will be her line of defense I imagine, and then everyone on the battlefield is a legitimate target,” Lacey said.

He hopes it will shed some light on the Queen’s role as adoptive mother to William and Harry after Diana’s death. “I would also be fascinated by what Harry thinks he got from his uncle and aunts – [Diana’s siblings]— in this difficult time,” Lacey said.

If slated for publication in the fall, Harry would come face-to-face with Michelle Obama’s new book.

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Harry said he wrote the book: “not as the prince I was born but as the man I became”.

Buckingham Palace is unlikely to comment in detail on the allegations it contains unless absolutely necessary. An indication of how he may be dealing with the fallout can be found in the Queen’s famous statement after the couple’s Oprah interview, in which she said “memories may vary”.


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