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Two urban sites are represented in the city of Dunkirk.

Revitalize Dunkirk, Inc. values ​​residents who make Dunkirk a more attractive place to live. In the spring, summer and fall, volunteers from the organization’s beautification committee recognize five residential properties in each of the four districts of the city of Dunkirk for the efforts made to beautify the houses with landscaping and flower gardens. . The postcards are then sent to the “Resident gardeners” so that everyone knows that efforts are noticed and appreciated.

There will be twenty more homes chosen in September. To suggest someone for recognition, please email [email protected] and type “Garden Thank you” in the subject line.

The volunteers of the beautification committee also design and maintain the plantations at the “Welcome” signs at the city entrances. In addition, the plantations of Wright Park, Steger Housing, Brooks Memorial Hospital, Bataan Avenue, Bi-Centennial Park and several other sites are also maintained.

If you’ve admired the corner gardens along Fifth Street, the beautification committee volunteers are encouraging you to do something similar in a corner near you. As long as there is a convenient water source, the beautification committee volunteers will help you prepare, design, share plants, and advise and guide you in creating the garden.

We could start with something as simple as “circling the traffic sign” with spring bulbs or annuals or teaming up with a neighbor or two on a larger corner project.

Two urban sites are represented in the city of Dunkirk.

Additional volunteers are always welcome as the core group has practically maximized the number of sites that can be maintained. Revitalize Dunkirk, Inc., is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that advocates for ideas for improving urban life with residents and elected officials of the City of Dunkirk in order to preserve historical heritage, improve physical infrastructure, reinvigorate commerce and boost community pride and vision. For more information visit:

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