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The federal climate agreement has come closer to reality.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, the only holdout from the Democrats, accepted the nearly $370 billion package. Democrats now hope to pass the bill through reconciliation.

There is a potential impact locally.

It’s hard to find a cleaner machine shop than US Automotive in Allentown. It’s been the pride of Don Ruble’s family for 30 years.

“What do you like about being a mechanic? ” I asked.

“You can fix things that are usually broken, can’t you?” he said.

The ruble has an eye on the future, and it is green. He is preparing his company for the maintenance of electric cars.

Looking at the school and the makers of who we want to serve, because we can’t serve them all.

Ruble’s instinct could pay off as he should have plenty of future business.

Under an expected climate deal, billions of dollars will be spent on expanding the manufacturing and accessibility of electric cars.

This comes as Democrats appear to be reaching a $370 billion climate deal, which includes investments in renewable energy, protecting agriculture and forests, cutting carbon emissions, as well as money for homeowners, especially in underserved communities, to upgrade their homes to be more efficient.

“I think that will help. We need to make the transition now,” said Tara Zrinski, a solar panel salesperson.

For Zrinksi, that includes making panels more affordable for homeowners. She said she would like to see a refund or a low-interest loan, rather than the tax credit in the bill.

“It would eliminate a significant cost to them, it would offset inflation because we all know your dollar doesn’t stretch that far,” she said.

As for Ruble, he has just completed a new building for the new technology, as his son will one day. take over and become for a new generation.

“What investment does this represent for you? I asked.

“A million dollars,” he said.

“And it’s empty.”


“So you’re betting big?”

“Yes,” he laughs.

No matter what the future holds, Ruble said, he prefers to lead, not follow.


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