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The cost of the borrower insurance has a great influence on the total amount of credit. In order not to add to the cost of the loan, one should carefully choose one’s credit insurance contract. The online comparator LePhonix helps the insured to make the right choice and pierce all the details that distinguish a successful loan insurance offer.


Loan Insurance: Competition for the Benefit of Borrowers

Loan Insurance: Competition for the Benefit of Borrowers

To subscribe to a borrower insurance is one of the main conditions to obtain a credit. Before the implementation of the Lagarde and Hamon laws, the borrower had no choice but to accept the group contract proposed by the lending institution. From now on, he is free to choose his insurer, provided that the contract offers a guarantee equivalent to that proposed by the bank. Finding a really good offer is still possible?

Finding the most advantageous offers is not as easy as some might think. Indeed, the proposals for loan insurance are numerous. In order to be sure of obtaining a contract that suits your profile, and at the best price, it is essential to go through a reliable online comparator like LePhonix.


What does LePhonix offer?

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LePhonix is the French subsidiary of Confused. This online comparator, present on the market since 2010, has about fifty partners, and offers the user a wide choice of offers from which he can make his choice freely. Fully impartial, this site displays in its search results not only the cost of the contract, but also the guarantees it includes and those it does not take into account. Thus, the user can easily select the proposal that seems most appropriate.


Independent comparator the LePhonix ?

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The use of the comparator LePhonix allows the borrower to leave nothing to chance in the choice of his future insurance contract. All the elements of decision-making assistance are scrutinized and explained in such a way as to guide the insured towards a formula adapted to his profile and offered at a favorable rate.

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