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Chile’s Inequitable Foreign Debt

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There are many solutions raised but space ends. UU issues dollars, Spain issues euros, UK issues pounds This can be done to curb the appreciation of currency before the fall of the dollar. Every time the dominant media announces the end of the crisis there is a worse collapse. Therefore, in theory, if your country grows economically faster than EE.

The external debt of the developing countries has become one of the most acute expressions of the structural crisis that affects the capitalist world. It is a mass of money that exceeded one billion dollars. The situation in which these countries find themselves causes interruption. 28 Aug According to data from the IMF and the Rose Bank, Chile has an external debt equivalent to 64.8% of GDP. The small Asian country, the third global financial center and a second port that moves the most goods in the world are one of the most indebted with respect to its GDP, surpassed only by. 12 Jul The above has meant that in two years Chile is the ninth country that has increased its level of commitments abroad more. From the Chilean external debt grew a%, according to figures from the Rose Bank. Being surpassed only by countries like Brazil, the Philippines.


The priceless external debt of Chile

The priceless external debt of Chile

However, it is important to learn the lessons of history. How to contain or reduce these levels of debt is the big question. However, and as the economic crisis taught us, the important thing is to monitor and point out future sources of conflict. That is to say, a mediocre growth of the product that shows an uninspiring future. It would not contribute to the debate. Therefore, the Chilean external debt can be classified as a potential problem for Chile. "From the Chilean foreign debt grew an On the other hand, the main economies of the world row in the opposite direction, the center adrift by Cardo Verostra. In these liabilities, they represented approximately one-third of the GDP Marcio Stay Landeta Economista.

If the federal reserve of the USA is the only one that "emits" dollars, and does not give them away but loans them with interests and interests does not print them, then the countries of the world and the people, we will never be able to pay the debts in their entirety?


Make prepayments of the debt

debt repayments

That is acquired with the surpluses that are given in the government international reserves, in this way the interests also go down although it depends on how the debt has been agreed.

On the other hand, the perfect example, in this case, is Chile, which no longer has an external debt because it was paid a few years ago. This can be done serves to curb the appreciation of currency before the fall of the dollar. UU issues dollars, Spain issues euros, UK issues pounds, Therefore, in theory, if your country grows economically faster than EE. You have serious difficulties in reasoning.


When all stock markets tumbled

stock market problem

The appetite for buying US Treasuries broke records. Investors did not care that their capital was minimally remunerated since their priority was to make sure that they were putting their money in the coffers of a government that would not stop paying them. This article has the end date of the appointment. When the international monetary system that the United States had imposed on the Western world began to sink, Gonnaly said with great precision: Every time the dominant media announce the end of the crisis there is a worse collapse.

Loans, how do they appear on the income statement?

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The Income statement on the year of 2017 has already started. It is time to settle accounts with the Treasury and for this, a deadline has been established from April 5 to June 4. From Good Finance , we want to help you make your statement informing you of everything you need to know, such as what boxes to check or the deductions you have to take into account.

However, before confirming the draft, it is important to be clear about what can be deducted and what is not. In addition to several of the tips to save that we have already offered you, one of the issues that most generate doubts are loans, since many taxpayers do not know whether or not they have to declare…. In either case, do not worry! Next, we give you the keys so that you know the role that loans are given in the income statement.

The role of loans in the income statement


Loans do not increase capital, nor are they an income in the income statement, therefore, we have no obligation to declare them. But despite not having this obligation, there are some cases in which you could deduct the expenses that have originated in your concession, and are:

An investment in own housing

An investment of real estate capital

A reform or work

These reasons, together with the one to reunify the debts , are the most frequent when requesting a loan.

Loans, a customized alternative

Loans, a customized alternative

Although we usually know if it will be positive or negative, that is, it will be our turn to pay or we will return, sometimes the result may surprise us and, in the worst case, we will have to face an expense that we did not have contemplated

Given this unforeseen situation, the Tax Agency allows the fractionation of debt into two installments. This subdivision will be contributed as follows: 60% will be paid in the first term, while the remaining 40% will be paid in the second.

However, this way of dividing it falls short for the taxpayer, especially when it comes to large amounts. To be able to face this payment, citizens usually resort to a loan, since it allows them to adjust the terms in a totally personalized way.

Loan is used as a means of financing

Loan is used as a means of financing

In addition, from this situation others arise in which many times the request for a loan is used as a means of financing. There are times when the Treasury is delayed when it has to return money, negative result, despite the fact that the returns start 48 hours after the deadline is opened and has to end 6 months later than this date (except for specific cases). These circumstances mean that the taxpayer does not know how to assume certain expenses and sometimes has to resort to a personal loan. If you identify with any of these situations, it is important that you take into account the conditions of the loan that you can acquire.

At Good Finance we search, analyze and compare the different loans that best fit your Financial Standing. Remember that we are 100% independent and if you find something better ... we will be as happy as you!

Find out all we can help you in getting a loan and get your loan through our app or website, we will be happy to help you!

Do you have any advice, curiosity or question that we have not commented on? What are you waiting for! You can help many users who read your comment on our blog ?

The LePhonix Mortgage Insurance Comparator

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The cost of the borrower insurance has a great influence on the total amount of credit. In order not to add to the cost of the loan, one should carefully choose one's credit insurance contract. The online comparator LePhonix helps the insured to make the right choice and pierce all the details that distinguish a successful loan insurance offer.


Loan Insurance: Competition for the Benefit of Borrowers

Loan Insurance: Competition for the Benefit of Borrowers

To subscribe to a borrower insurance is one of the main conditions to obtain a credit. Before the implementation of the Lagarde and Hamon laws, the borrower had no choice but to accept the group contract proposed by the lending institution. From now on, he is free to choose his insurer, provided that the contract offers a guarantee equivalent to that proposed by the bank. Finding a really good offer is still possible?

Finding the most advantageous offers is not as easy as some might think. Indeed, the proposals for loan insurance are numerous. In order to be sure of obtaining a contract that suits your profile, and at the best price, it is essential to go through a reliable online comparator like LePhonix.


What does LePhonix offer?

mortgage offer

LePhonix is the French subsidiary of Confused. This online comparator, present on the market since 2010, has about fifty partners, and offers the user a wide choice of offers from which he can make his choice freely. Fully impartial, this site displays in its search results not only the cost of the contract, but also the guarantees it includes and those it does not take into account. Thus, the user can easily select the proposal that seems most appropriate.


Independent comparator the LePhonix ?

mortgage insurance

The use of the comparator LePhonix allows the borrower to leave nothing to chance in the choice of his future insurance contract. All the elements of decision-making assistance are scrutinized and explained in such a way as to guide the insured towards a formula adapted to his profile and offered at a favorable rate.