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Credit union proposals

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It may sound crazy, but credit unions can make more money if they cut fees.
But it's pretty simple. If it becomes cheaper to convert loans, there are more that will convert because it will be faster to become profitable.

Homeowners still pay 3% or 3.5% in interest on their loans

Homeowners still pay 3% or 3.5% in interest on their loans

There are several explanations for this, but one of them is that the cost of a conversion is too high for it to pay off to convert the loan. This is typically when the debt is less than 1 million.

The big culprit here is the differential interest rates, and this is because, among other things, the credit unions set them so that they also make money on the repayment of the loan. The question is, do they really lose money by setting the differential rates as high as they do?

If you use an example of a 3% loan of USD 1 million


he credit union's total income will be approx. USD 13,000 if the loan is repaid today. Of this, the profit from differential interest is approx. USD 1,900, but the customer's expense for the differential interest is approx. USD 16,000, which we believe will cause many to refrain from converting.
Therefore, the credit union earns 0 (zero) kroner.

But what if we now think the perhaps crazy thought that the credit union says it does not have to earn on the redemption, maybe that the credit union will really put a little effort, for example. 1,900 kroner? Yes, earnings fall to approx. 9,200 kroner. But $ 9,200 is even more if the customer fails to convert, so the credit union earns $ 0?
And if you go further, the customer will now have a 2% loan that can be converted again when the interest rate rises to 3%, and the credit union will earn an additional USD 13,900 on that conversion. The credit union thus misses USD 23,100 because it has to squeeze the last USD 1,900 out of the customer in the first place.

And what about the customer?


If no conversion is made to 2% now, the customer's net benefit is approx. USD 200 higher per month than it should be and if the customer subsequently, for example. 1 year can convert back to 3% the customer can get the debt down to 944,000 instead of the 977,000 that the debt will be on the current 3% loan.

It should not be difficult for credit unions to make the same calculation based on the following logic:
"The lower the cost, the more often the homeowners will convert their loans."

The Best Credit Card Tips

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Are you looking for the best credit card? Many tend to forget that a credit card is designed to help you in emergencies where you need a little extra credit. Before you start looking for the best credit card, there are 4 things you should be aware of.


1) Interest-free period

credit cards

Most credit cards will have an interest-free period of up to 45 days. This means that if you repay the outstanding amount within this period, you will incur no interest costs, in other words, it is possible to borrow money for free. If you only pay the minimum amount, it will quickly become expensive as the annual interest expense on a credit card can be as high as 30%. It is therefore important that you repay as much as possible when you have the opportunity to avoid unnecessary interest expense. Borrowing requires self-discipline. Do you have it?


2) Read between the lines

credit cards

Finding the best credit card is no easy matter and it can be easy to forget when you are tempted with a variety of different offers such as cash back, discounts and other benefits. Everything you need to know about a credit card you will find by reading the loan document carefully. Take some time and make sure you check the terms and conditions carefully.


3) Do not focus on bonus points

3) Do not focus on bonus points

The primary reason for obtaining a credit card should be because you want to secure yourself in case of emergencies. If you only want a credit card because you get bonus points every time you buy something then you should reassess your motives. A credit card can quickly become expensive if you are unable to service it properly and bonus points in themselves should not be the primary reason. Expenditure on purpose.


4) Sensitive information

4) Sensitive information

You've probably heard it countless times, but now you hear it again. Do not send sensitive information via email. Email accounts are being hacked all the time and there is no reason why you should get away. If you have sent sensitive information through your account then you should delete all tracks immediately and change your password. Furthermore, you may also want to check your bank statement to be on the safe side.

At the end of the day, a credit card is a convenient way to insure in case you need some extra cash. Just make sure you avoid the most common mistakes. Do you have any other things that you should avoid before you start looking for the best credit card ? Feel free to join us in the comments!

Chile’s Inequitable Foreign Debt

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There are many solutions raised but space ends. UU issues dollars, Spain issues euros, UK issues pounds This can be done to curb the appreciation of currency before the fall of the dollar. Every time the dominant media announces the end of the crisis there is a worse collapse. Therefore, in theory, if your country grows economically faster than EE.

The external debt of the developing countries has become one of the most acute expressions of the structural crisis that affects the capitalist world. It is a mass of money that exceeded one billion dollars. The situation in which these countries find themselves causes interruption. 28 Aug According to data from the IMF and the Rose Bank, Chile has an external debt equivalent to 64.8% of GDP. The small Asian country, the third global financial center and a second port that moves the most goods in the world are one of the most indebted with respect to its GDP, surpassed only by. 12 Jul The above has meant that in two years Chile is the ninth country that has increased its level of commitments abroad more. From the Chilean external debt grew a%, according to figures from the Rose Bank. Being surpassed only by countries like Brazil, the Philippines.


The priceless external debt of Chile

The priceless external debt of Chile

However, it is important to learn the lessons of history. How to contain or reduce these levels of debt is the big question. However, and as the economic crisis taught us, the important thing is to monitor and point out future sources of conflict. That is to say, a mediocre growth of the product that shows an uninspiring future. It would not contribute to the debate. Therefore, the Chilean external debt can be classified as a potential problem for Chile. "From the Chilean foreign debt grew an On the other hand, the main economies of the world row in the opposite direction, the center adrift by Cardo Verostra. In these liabilities, they represented approximately one-third of the GDP Marcio Stay Landeta Economista.

If the federal reserve of the USA is the only one that "emits" dollars, and does not give them away but loans them with interests and interests does not print them, then the countries of the world and the people, we will never be able to pay the debts in their entirety?


Make prepayments of the debt

debt repayments

That is acquired with the surpluses that are given in the government international reserves, in this way the interests also go down although it depends on how the debt has been agreed.

On the other hand, the perfect example, in this case, is Chile, which no longer has an external debt because it was paid a few years ago. This can be done serves to curb the appreciation of currency before the fall of the dollar. UU issues dollars, Spain issues euros, UK issues pounds, Therefore, in theory, if your country grows economically faster than EE. You have serious difficulties in reasoning.


When all stock markets tumbled

stock market problem

The appetite for buying US Treasuries broke records. Investors did not care that their capital was minimally remunerated since their priority was to make sure that they were putting their money in the coffers of a government that would not stop paying them. This article has the end date of the appointment. When the international monetary system that the United States had imposed on the Western world began to sink, Gonnaly said with great precision: Every time the dominant media announce the end of the crisis there is a worse collapse.

Loans, how do they appear on the income statement?

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The Income statement on the year of 2017 has already started. It is time to settle accounts with the Treasury and for this, a deadline has been established from April 5 to June 4. From Good Finance , we want to help you make your statement informing you of everything you need to know, such as what boxes to check or the deductions you have to take into account.

However, before confirming the draft, it is important to be clear about what can be deducted and what is not. In addition to several of the tips to save that we have already offered you, one of the issues that most generate doubts are loans, since many taxpayers do not know whether or not they have to declare…. In either case, do not worry! Next, we give you the keys so that you know the role that loans are given in the income statement.

The role of loans in the income statement


Loans do not increase capital, nor are they an income in the income statement, therefore, we have no obligation to declare them. But despite not having this obligation, there are some cases in which you could deduct the expenses that have originated in your concession, and are:

An investment in own housing

An investment of real estate capital

A reform or work

These reasons, together with the one to reunify the debts , are the most frequent when requesting a loan.

Loans, a customized alternative

Loans, a customized alternative

Although we usually know if it will be positive or negative, that is, it will be our turn to pay or we will return, sometimes the result may surprise us and, in the worst case, we will have to face an expense that we did not have contemplated

Given this unforeseen situation, the Tax Agency allows the fractionation of debt into two installments. This subdivision will be contributed as follows: 60% will be paid in the first term, while the remaining 40% will be paid in the second.

However, this way of dividing it falls short for the taxpayer, especially when it comes to large amounts. To be able to face this payment, citizens usually resort to a loan, since it allows them to adjust the terms in a totally personalized way.

Loan is used as a means of financing

Loan is used as a means of financing

In addition, from this situation others arise in which many times the request for a loan is used as a means of financing. There are times when the Treasury is delayed when it has to return money, negative result, despite the fact that the returns start 48 hours after the deadline is opened and has to end 6 months later than this date (except for specific cases). These circumstances mean that the taxpayer does not know how to assume certain expenses and sometimes has to resort to a personal loan. If you identify with any of these situations, it is important that you take into account the conditions of the loan that you can acquire.

At Good Finance we search, analyze and compare the different loans that best fit your Financial Standing. Remember that we are 100% independent and if you find something better ... we will be as happy as you!

Find out all we can help you in getting a loan and get your loan through our app or website, we will be happy to help you!

Do you have any advice, curiosity or question that we have not commented on? What are you waiting for! You can help many users who read your comment on our blog ?

The LePhonix Mortgage Insurance Comparator

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The cost of the borrower insurance has a great influence on the total amount of credit. In order not to add to the cost of the loan, one should carefully choose one's credit insurance contract. The online comparator LePhonix helps the insured to make the right choice and pierce all the details that distinguish a successful loan insurance offer.


Loan Insurance: Competition for the Benefit of Borrowers

Loan Insurance: Competition for the Benefit of Borrowers

To subscribe to a borrower insurance is one of the main conditions to obtain a credit. Before the implementation of the Lagarde and Hamon laws, the borrower had no choice but to accept the group contract proposed by the lending institution. From now on, he is free to choose his insurer, provided that the contract offers a guarantee equivalent to that proposed by the bank. Finding a really good offer is still possible?

Finding the most advantageous offers is not as easy as some might think. Indeed, the proposals for loan insurance are numerous. In order to be sure of obtaining a contract that suits your profile, and at the best price, it is essential to go through a reliable online comparator like LePhonix.


What does LePhonix offer?

mortgage offer

LePhonix is the French subsidiary of Confused. This online comparator, present on the market since 2010, has about fifty partners, and offers the user a wide choice of offers from which he can make his choice freely. Fully impartial, this site displays in its search results not only the cost of the contract, but also the guarantees it includes and those it does not take into account. Thus, the user can easily select the proposal that seems most appropriate.


Independent comparator the LePhonix ?

mortgage insurance

The use of the comparator LePhonix allows the borrower to leave nothing to chance in the choice of his future insurance contract. All the elements of decision-making assistance are scrutinized and explained in such a way as to guide the insured towards a formula adapted to his profile and offered at a favorable rate.

What is the legal mortgage of construction and how to obtain it?

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When we shop for a home, we can spend months looking for the perfect home without finding anything. Maybe the housing costs in our area are too high, or maybe we are just not happy. Some buyers will buy a house that looks great outside, and will later realize that the electrician has done a poor job indoors, that lighting is bad, that there are leaks water through the roof or there are odd smells coming from the basement. For others, their goal is to buy land and build their own home. Despite the long and hard process, it surely solves many problems of discontent. So, if you are a buyer interested in undertaking such a project, know that there are ways to achieve it. Before doing anything, it is important to understand that a mortgage for the construction of a home will require a little more money and effort on your part than a traditional mortgage for an existing home. On the other hand, if you manage to complete your project, you will have your own house as you envision it. So, for anyone looking to achieve their goals.

Purchase of vacant land

Purchase of vacant land When you plan to build your new home from scratch, you must first buy a vacant lot. You could even buy land with an existing home and demolish it to build a new one. If you buy an empty lot, you may need to get a separate loan to finance the lot. However, you probably will not have to obtain a separate mortgage if you buy the land through a contractor; We'll talk about it again later. As with most loans, to get a loan for a vacant lot, you will need a favorable credit rating and a decent income. Be aware that you will have to make a large deposit, sometimes between 25% and 35%. However, you could obtain a loan from a private lender by opening a personal line of credit or opening a home equity line of credit (LCV) through another property you already own. If you are considering buying a vacant lot, it is extremely important that you consider all the factors. This involves doing research in the area and making sure you can get permission from the local municipality for construction. The manner in which property is zoned, to whom it previously belonged, and how it is partitioned will be issues that need to be addressed. You will need to consider both the costs and the environmental concerns related to the construction of the drinking water system, a sewage system and other such services. These are just the initial elements to consider if you are buying a vacant lot. Then comes the fun part, the construction of the house.

Buying from a contractor

Buying from a contractor Buying a home already under construction from a contractor is an option for those who wish to buy a new home, if you do not want to go through the planning and construction yourself. This is common when a new construction site or community is being built. For the most part, you can have a say in the appearance of the house, but you will do a lot less hard work. You will have responsibilities, such as choosing the lot you want to buy, layout and finishes, and defining any additions to be installed. Just like buying a vacant lot, choosing a skilled contractor is also important for your finances and the future of your new home. Make sure your builder has a good reputation for building quality homes. Any legal contractor will also give you a guarantee, usually one year, for his work and construction materials used in the construction of your home. Once you get the guarantee, read it carefully to find out exactly what parts of your house are covered. And, with this warranty, most contractors will include an owner's manual so that you can do the basic maintenance of your new home.

How does a mortgage on house construction work?

How does a mortgage on house construction work? As mentioned above, a home building mortgage, also known as a construction legal mortgage, means that you will get a loan to build your own home, rather than mortgaging an existing home. Remember, in many cases, building a house from scratch can be more expensive once you've taken into account the cost of building materials and the contractors and subcontractors that you are likely to hire. If you are already an experienced contractor, you can still design the house and start building yourself, but it is likely that you will need a team to help you. That said, you can choose between two types of mortgages to finance the construction of your home. In Canada, you can choose the mortgage option or combine both, depending on the policy of your lender and the province or territory in which you live.

Mortgage with progressive advances

Mortgage with progressive advances The first mortgage option for residential construction projects is known as a progressive loan. This is where the buyer of a home will receive the funds from his lender in several times throughout the various stages of construction, until the project is completed or almost completed. During each of these phases, the lender will send a building inspector to the property to review the progress of the building and ensure that everything goes as planned. After each visit, the inspector will submit a progress report to the lender, who will allocate more funds accordingly. If the inspector determines that the construction is not up to the task, the lender may be forced to withdraw its funding. Here's what you can expect from the four phases of the progressive loan:
  • Phase 1: The advance for the foundation is received when the land is purchased and construction of the house has begun. However, this advance will only be granted when the land has little or no mortgage. If you mortgage the land, you will receive your first advance only about 30 to 50% of the construction of the house. Thus, you will have to assume the costs associated with completing the first 30-50% of your home.
  • Phase 2: The key advance in the door will be received when the house will be completed at around 30-50%. This means that the foundations are laid and the windows and doors are installed. The house can therefore be locked. This will be your first advance if the land you are building on is mortgaged.
  • Phase 3: The advance of the drywall will be received when the house is completed at approximately 65-70%, with the heating system installed and the drywall ready to be painted.
  • Phase 4: This advance will be received when the house is completely finished or about to be completed (90-100%). Electricity and plumbing should work, all permits and contracts must be signed and the house habitable. As mentioned above, the purchase of a vacant lot is a considerable expense. Take this expense into consideration before choosing a progressive advance mortgage. You will also be charged a separate fee each time the inspector reports to review the progress of the work.

The completion mortgage

The completion mortgage When you have a home loan completed, it means that you bought the house through a new builder and that the house is finished, or at least you are ready to move. In this case, the builder should not be compensated until you take possession of the house. Since your mortgage will not be finalized until 30 days before your official takeover of the house, some lenders will require that you pay a down payment on the house. However, unlike the down payment of an existing home, your lender should allow you to pay it in installments. Once the house is completed, which should take about 4 months (most lenders who grant completion mortgages need the house to be completed within 120 days), the completion loan itself will the same should simply be necessary to repay the remaining balance to the builder. Completion mortgages may be of interest to many buyers as the terms of the mortgage will only be official 30 days before the buyer takes possession of the house. This means that before the start of the 30-day period, homebuyers are allowed to make certain changes to their mortgage loan, for example to increase it to fund the additional improvements desired during construction. However, before finalizing the mortgage, it is important that the buyer in question not make any significant changes to his life or credit, such as changing jobs, obtaining another large loan. Or other. Deviating from the lender's instructions could result in revocation of the mortgage.

Additional information to consider

Additional information to consider First, before deciding to purchase one of these types of mortgages and build your own home, it is essential to know that these options may not be available in all provinces and territories in Canada. Many lenders in Quebec and New Brunswick, for example, do not offer a progressive advance mortgage. Before you apply to your lender, you must also prepare thoroughly, for example by drawing up your construction plans, as well as having a contract for construction and associated costs. If you are building yourself, you will need a quote for building materials and labor. For the land you purchase, you will need to provide the municipality's authorization along with a copy of the deed of sale and proof of purchase purchase of the property. Another element to consider would be the way you plan to build the house, ie are appearance and the different levels you want, if any. It may be tempting to design your home to suit your personal taste, especially if you are not buying a semi-finished home from a contractor, but you may need to resell it. Even if it's been decades, even if you give it to your children, the house will return to the market. That's why it's good to think of what other people would like to see in a house, so that it can be sold later. If the house is very big and expensive, for example, you will again limit the number of potential buyers who could afford it. If you decide to paint the entire house in bright pink, not everyone will like it. Then, those who might be interested will have to consider the cost to repaint it. What about the most important consideration? Keep an eye on the progress of the work and the money you invest in it. Prepare financially for any unforeseen events that may lead to construction stoppage, as well as additional costs or repairs. Let's just assume that when you build your own house from scratch, everything can go wrong. It is therefore preferable to have a parallel strategy, even if it involves drawing on your savings. In fact, it is recommended to have at least 15% of the total cost of the house in case something would put the project in danger.

The mortgage process of construction

The mortgage process of construction The mortgage process for building a new home is more complicated and often more expensive than a traditional mortgage for an existing home. Not only does the construction of the house take time and effort, but most lenders require more insurance before you start lending money. In most cases, a high credit rating and a decent income will not be enough. Potential homeowners must provide their lender with proof that the construction of their home will be completed within a certain period. Banks, in particular, will also want to verify that the contractor or builder in question is certified and has a track record of well-constructed housing projects. If you are considering yourself as an entrepreneur, the lender may be skeptical until you can give them reason to believe that you are qualified enough to undertake a project of this magnitude. This is particularly true for progressive advance mortgages. As the house is not built yet, the lender runs more risk. If something went wrong during construction, they could potentially lose a lot of money. If the borrower is in default of payment on his loan, the lender may have to repossess the property and try to belly the land with a partially completed home. In addition, when it comes to building a house, you will have to offer a larger down payment than a traditional mortgage, usually between 25 and 30%. So, if you're not completely sure you have the financial resources to take on the responsibility of building your own home, it's best if you take the time to think and save a bit more. If you think about it, building a house from scratch is risky for both the borrower and the lender. This is a project for which you have to think before you start. However, if you want to build the house of your dreams, do not let the idea of ​​unfinished projects discourage you. If you are motivated enough and take the time to develop a reasonable homeownership strategy, there is no reason you can not build the perfect home.

I Can’t Shop Online With a Credit Card

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Credit cards, an alternative method of payment for online shopping, can sometimes result in incomplete transactions. The consumer may want to complete the transaction by selecting the credit card option when they are directed to the payment screen after adding the products they wish to buy to the basket.

However, it may receive warnings that the transaction is unsuccessful or the payment failed, although the card information is correct. In this case, we have to share what the consumer should do and the reasons for not shopping online.

If you enter your credit card information correctly but you cannot pay for the product you want to buy over the internet, there may be 4 different reasons for this.


Your Credit Card is Closed to Internet Shopping

Your Credit Card is Closed to Internet Shopping

There are approximately 176 million credit cards and debit cards in our country. Some banks offer their cards to the customer and send them open for internet shopping. Some banks to consumers who want the credit card, the card delivers a way off the virtual shopping. In order to use these cards in virtual stores, they must be opened for internet shopping.

In addition, with the official decisions taken recently, it was announced that all cards will be produced in a way that is closed to internet shopping. So if you're having trouble paying in virtual stores, it may be because your credit card is closed to online shopping. In such a case, you should call your customer service or go to your bank's branch to open your card for virtual shopping. You can also open your credit card for internet shopping at the internet branch or mobile branch.


No Credit Balance Available

No Credit Balance Available

You cannot complete your payment unless your card has enough funds left. This is a problem that consumers often experience during online shopping. This is because when consumers want to purchase services or products from the internet, they often don't check the available balance of the card. Accordingly, payment may not be realized due to insufficient funds remaining during the purchase transactions.

It is also available to users who confuse the card's limit and available balance. The limit of your card is the limit defined by the bank you are a customer to your credit card. The available balance is the term that indicates how much of the card's limit you can use. Naturally, you have the right to trade as much as your available balance for the period, not as much as your card limit.

You may have confused these two terms and may not be able to shop online because of insufficient funds available. In this case, you can increase the limit of your card or pay the card to get enough balance.



Your Credit Card May Be Blocked

Your Credit Card May Be Blocked

Blocking your card for various reasons may prevent you from shopping online. Your card may be blocked after a 90-day period has elapsed, especially if you forgot to pay your debts as a result of irregular expenses.

If you have not received any notice, we advise you to go to the nearest bank branch. Because the card is blocked, it means that the card is turned off for use.

You can open your card for online shopping by paying your outstanding debts after a meeting with the bank. If you need to give an estimated time for this process, we can say that your credit card will be available within 24 hours…


3D Secure Password may not be on your phone

3D Secure Password may not be on your phone

Finally, one of the reasons why I couldn't shop on the internet with my credit card is that the 3D secure password does not come. Since the 3D secure payment screen is a screen of the related bank, the virtual store you are trying to exchange cannot intervene in the problems that occur on this screen.

Therefore, if you try to purchase products or services online, you should contact the bank if the 3D secure password is not sent to your mobile phone as a message. You can get help from the customer service of the bank regarding the problems you experience on the 3D secure screen.

Repay your mortgage early: these are the pros and cons

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Has the monthly payment of your home not stopped you in recent years from creating a nice savings box? Then it is an option to repay your mortgage early. The fact that savings rates are currently very low is an additional argument.

But beware: There are various conditions attached to an accelerated repayment. Discover all the advantages and disadvantages here, so that you can make a well-considered decision.

Repay the mortgage early: the pros

Repay the mortgage early: the pros

If you have a substantial savings reserve and still have a long mortgage term, it is advisable to check with your lender for an early repayment. Here are the most important arguments:

With loans with a long term (20 years or more), an accelerated repayment of the capital will probably decrease the total interest charges of your mortgage.

If you pay off part of your loan early, the monthly repayment will go down. And so there is budget space again. Another option is to keep the monthly repayment the same and to shorten the term of your mortgage loan.

With an early repayment, depending on the age at revision

With an early repayment, depending on the age at revision

The premium for the outstanding balance insurance will also go down if you do not forget to inform the insurer.

with an accelerated repayment you have the option to continue the outstanding balance insurance. In this way, the outstanding balance insurance (for the duration of the original loan) automatically changes into pure death cover. If the insured person dies, the surviving dependents will receive the death capital, while the home loan will no longer have to be paid.

Repay the mortgage early: the cons

Repay the mortgage early: the cons

At the same time we want to point out that not every scenario benefits from early repayment:

  • If you redeem your mortgage early, you risk falling without savings reserves. And that naturally entails financial risks. Make sure you always have enough savings to cover your daily expenses for a few months.
  • Those who pay off their loans early may miss out on tax benefits.
  • For the adjustment of your loan, the bank usually charges a reinvestment fee of 3 months interest.

Would you like more information about the consequences of an early repayment on your debt balance insurance? Feel free to contact us, we are ready for you!

Huge price difference car insurance youngsters

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The difference between the cheapest and most expensive price differences in car policies for young people is huge. To insure an eleven-year-old city car, an expensive company charges almost four times as much as a cheap insurer. On average, a young car owner pays around 1000 euros per year for third-party coverage. In 18 months, young people pay just as much in premium as their car is worth. This is according to research by the independent comparator Lender.

Difference between cheapest and most expensive insurer

car loan

An 18-year-old motorist pays more than twice as much for his third-party insurance than someone who is over 24 years old. Insurers charge much higher rates for young people, because they have a higher accident risk than older drivers. Research by SWOV has shown that this risk is four times greater. However, the difference in premium between the cheapest and most expensive insurer is more striking.

For example, third-party coverage in Veenendaal for a Peugeot 205 from 1999 at ABC Bank costs 168 euros per month, while at AVVB it is also possible for 40 euros.

Price difference for WA car insurance per month per municipality

Price difference for WA car insurance per month per municipality

The price differences were calculated on the basis of the following data:

  • 18 years;
  • 0 claim-free years;
  • Peugeot 205 ('99);
  • 8000 km / year.
  Cheapest car insurance Most expensive car insurance Price difference per month Magnification factor
Amsterdam VAC: € 53 ABC Bank: € 181 € 128 3.4
Veenendaal AVVB: € 40 ABC Bank: € 168 € 128 4.2
Franeker AVVB: € 38 ABC Bank: € 147 € 109 3.9

Car insurance costs

Car insurance costs

In addition, Lender investigated the relationship between the current value of the car and the costs of liability insurance (ie by far the most chosen cover). 24,900 premium calculations show that the average annual premium for 18 and 19-year-old car owners amounts to 981 euros. This amount is equal to 66 percent of the current value. "Assuming that young people have their cars for more than a year and a half, this means that they often have to spend more for their car insurance than for the purchase costs," said Erik Hordijk, director of Lender.

Car insurance in the name of parents?

“It often happens that young people try to put the car insurance in the name of one of the parents. As a result, the premium is considerably lower, but this is strictly prohibited, "warns Hordijk. “It may seem difficult to check for an insurer who is actually the regular driver. But when in doubt, the insurance company can conduct a fraud investigation. And then the child and parents are further away from home. Moreover, a young person does not build up damage-free years in this way. ”

Smaller difference, premiums increased enormously

Smaller difference, premiums increased enormously

Update 07-03-2017

Lender did this test again in 2017, with the following data:

  • 18 years;
  • 0 claim-free years;
  • Peugeot 206 ('00);
  • 7,500-10,000 km / year.
  Cheapest car insurance Most expensive car insurance Price difference per month Magnification factor
Amsterdam GGB € 114.32 ACB € 311.32 € 197 2.7
Veenendaal BBB € 99.91 ACB € 284.04 € 184.13 2.8
Franeker BBB € 83.72 ACB € 244.34 € 160.62 2.9

We can see here that the premiums have increased enormously compared to 2010, in most cases they have more than doubled. The difference in euros between the cheapest and most expensive insurance has also increased, while the magnification factor has actually decreased.